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American Swords

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American Revolution  
antique copy of a C1670 cup hilt rapierGood$350.00
War of 1812-Mexican War  
C1790-1810 Philadelphia eaglehead, nicely gilded hand-chased pommel, Bolton & Co marked engraved blade with eagleVery Good$1050.00
M1808 Starr, exceptionally well-marked, with expertly crafted replica scabbard Good$2250.00
M1812 W. Rose sabre with original scabbard, nicely markedVery Good$2250.00
Reproduction US Baltimore Naval cutlassGood$650.00
C1780-1820 Diplomatic sword with scabbard (small repair)Excellent$1050.00
C1810-20 extrafancy general-grade P-guard sabre with scabbardExcellent$3495.00
M1812 US Starr sabre, HHP inspectedGood$750.00
M1818 Starr US sabre with scabbardGood$650.00
C1820-35 5-ball eaglehead with scabbard, fine blued bladeFine$1650.00
C1820-40 Ames style knighthead sword with eagle counterguardVery Good$395.00
M1832 US Staff officer sword with scabbardVery Good$1950.00
M1840 Dragoon sabre with scabbard by HammondVery Fine$1250.00
M1840 Dragoon sabre with scabbard by Sheble & FisherVery Good$575.00
M1840 Dragoon sabre with scabbard by Sheble & FisherGood$495.00
M1840 Justice sabre with scabbardGood$450.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
Civil War Union  
scarce M1832 Foot Artillery sword dated 1862 (only 300 produced) with scabbardGood$1250.00
scarce pattern Non-Regulation officer sword with scabbard, by ClaubergVery Fine$2495.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with early-style scabbard made without throat, dated 1849, original wire missing a couple small piecesFine$1250.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, marked Ames 1862Fair$595.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1862Very Good$295.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard (nice repair), Ames 1864Fine$495.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Fine$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Very Good$275.00
M1840 NCO sword with reproduction scabbard, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$295.00
Ames M1840 Musician sword with scabbard, dated 1864Fine$450.00
M1850 Foot Officer sword, unmarked, with very fine bladeFine$750.00
M1850 Foot Officer sword with nicely engraved Roby-style bladeFine$650.00
M1860 cavalry sabre with scabbard, by Mansfield & Lamb, 1865Good$650.00
M1860 USN officers cutlass, altered by Francais Bannerman (Peterson Fig 141)Good$1495.00
Civil War period M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, by HorstmanVery Good$950.00
"shingle stick" wood and leather practice cutlass (ref "Small Arms of the Sea Services" by Rankin pp49-50)Fine$350.00
GAR sword with plain blade and scabbard, by Boston RegaliaVery Good$215.00
Knighthead sword with engraved blade and leather scabbard, maker marked Clauberg, Solingen and agent marked Horstmann PhiladelphiaFine$275.00
Knighthead sword with scabbardVery Fine$250.00
Knighthead sword marked GERMANYFine$135.00
Knighthead swordVery Good$100.00
Civil War Confederate  
CS-Star shortsword with scabbardVery Good$4000.00
Louis Haiman, Columbus, Georgia "Dog River" cavalry sabre with scabbardGood$2900.00
Indian Wars  
C1880 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company officer sabre with scabbardFine$495.00
M1850 style USMC officer swordGood$850.00
M1850 style USMC officer sword by HorstmannFine$750.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, with unusual whistle guard, marked GERMANYExcellent$995.00
extrafancy M1860 Staff and Field sword and heavily engraved brass scabbard, fancy metal grip, by PettiboneGood$695.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard by Henderson Ames Co., has Springfield Armory style hiltFine$550.00
early Indian War period M1860 staff and field sword and scabbard by M C LilleyFine$495.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard by Manuel Acores, Boston, variant counterguardFine$375.00
Child's M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbardGood$350.00
M1872 artillery officer sabre and scabbard by M.C.LilleyVery Fine850.00
M1872 Springfield artillery officer sabre and scabbardExcellent$750.00
fancy M1872 Cavalry officer sabre with scabbard by RidabockExcellent$850.00
early Knights Templar sword with scabbard, by Horstman, PhiladelphiaVery Fine$450.00
Knights Templar sword with leather scabbard by Alport, BostonFine$150.00
Knights of St. John sword and scabbardFine$250.00
Post-1900 US Army Swords  
M1902 officer sabre with scabbard, named to an officer of the 185th Field Artillery (part of the 34th "Red Bull" Division, served in North Africa and Italy)Excellent$350.00
M1902 officer sabre with scabbard, early horn grips by Horstman, broken quillonFine$225.00
Post-1900 US Cavalry Swords  
M1913 Patton sabre with scabbard, dated LF&C 1918Good$550.00
Post-1900 US Navy Swords  
M1852 USCG sword with scabbard marked USAVery Fine$495.00
M1852 USCG sword with scabbard by Boston Uniform CoFine$450.00
M1852 Naval Officer sword with scabbard, marked MADE USAVery Good$250.00
Post-1900 USMC Swords  
USMC NCO sword and scabbard by Hilborn, presented to a 2nd Engineers master sargentExcellent$550.00
USMC NCO sword with scabbard by Meyer, marked West GermanyVery Fine$395.00
C1960-70 USMC mamaluke sword with scabbardNear Mint$575.00
C1960-70 USMC mamaluke sword with scabbardExcellent$550.00
C1950-60 USMC mamaluke sword with scabbard by Japan SwordFine$550.00
Scabbards and Parts  
C1790-1800 Philadelphia eagle sword pommelVery Good$250.00
Baltimore eagle sword pommelFine$175.00
M1832 Foot Artillery sword scabbard mountsGood$350.00
early Colichemarde sword blade, 37-1/2" overall, 30-1/2" edge, 1.4" wide at hiltFair$950.00
rayskin Colichemarde scabbard body, 29-3/4" long, 1-1/8" wide at throat on outsideFair$275.00
Medical Staff or Pay Department sword scabbard, drag absent, 0.725" wide inside throatGood$295.00
Feathered eaglehead sword grip, possibly for M1841 USN officer swordVery Fine$450.00
Germanic style sword hiltFair$225.00
C1830-50 straight leather scabbardGood$135.00
M1840 Dragoon sabre scabbardFair$195.00
M1840 Dragoon sabre blade marked LelandGood
M1840 NCO/Musician sword throatGood$35.00
M1850 Staff/Foot sword scabbard bodyVery Good$225.00
M1850 Staff/Foot sword scabbard bodyFair$175.00
M1850 Staff/Foot sword scabbard bodyFair$150.00
M1852 Navy sword scabbard middle mount, Civil War period, with ring, 1-1/4" wide, 2-1/4" longVery Good$110.00
M1852 Navy sword scabbard middle mount, Civil War period, without ring, 1-3/16" wide, 2-13/16" longVery Good$100.00
M1860 cavalry sabre leather knot, marked H.GAYLORD/CHICOPEE/MASSVery Good$295.00
M1860 cavalry sabre scabbardGood$395.00
USCG sword scabbard throat and middle mountsFine$175.00
Gold sword knotFine$200.00
Gold sword knotGood$175.00
C1880-1910 USN sword belt (hangers damaged)Very Good$75.00
M1902 bullion sword knot, unissuedNear Mint$110.00
M1902 bullion sword knotFine$135.00
M1902 bullion sword knotFine$90.00
M1917 USN scabbard belt frogFine$125.00
Vietnam USMC sword storage bagNear Mint$37.50
Vietnam USMC sword storage bagNear Mint$37.50
Vietnam USMC sword storage bagNear Mint$37.50